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Fletha (Burean for Hello)


2 min read

Jun 13




Fletha, all my Burean fans! Today I will be introducing the Burean language. To start off, I will be showing you the alphabet and the pronunciations of the letters. Now let's get started.

I will first start off with the prinunciation with the letters. Because the alphabet consists of character never used before, there's no way for me to write so I will show the characters after this.

  • A - ah

  • B - buh

  • C - cuh/suh

  • D - duh

  • E - eh

  • EE - ee

  • F - efuh

  • G - guh

  • H - huh

  • I - ee

  • J - juh

  • K - kuh

  • L - luh

  • M - em

  • N - en

  • O - oh

  • OO - oo

  • P - puh

  • Q - kuh

  • R - ruh

  • S - ehs

  • T - tuh

  • U - oo

  • V - vuh

  • W - wuh

  • X - suh

  • Y - yuh/ee

  • Z - zuh

I know for proper display of pronunciations I'm to use those fance letters such as ə, ā, ü and so on and so forth but, I am not that well informed on how those letters sound and I'm sure not everyone reading this article are either so I just spelled out the sound. Hope that helped.

Now for the characters!

Now you can write like a Burean! I plan to introduce some phrases as well so you can get an idea of how their words sound. If you have read my books, there are some Burean words mentioned in there so you can have fun with that.

But there you have it folks! The Burean alphabet. On my next post about Burea, I will introduce the numbers. I will see y'all next time!


2 min read

Jun 13





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